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Windows 7 uses the '.themepack' file extension for its themes, whereas Windows 8 uses a new file extension of '.deskthemepack'. While you can apply Windows 8 themes on Windows 8, Windows 8 themes cannot be applied on Windows 8.

This is because Windows 8 adds additional support for multiple monitors with a single large wallpaper; and where the images are small, different images are displayed on each desktop. Moreover, themes in Windows 8 now support automatic color change for the windows, based on the primary color of the wallpaper displayed.

Here at we have a wide variety of themes available for your Windows 8 operating system because we provide both themepack and deskthemepack files!

Microsoft has provided a wonderful interface for applying Themes to the System for Windows 8 (Very similar to the Windows 8 Interface). The theme for Windows 8 is stored in a file called a 'deskthemepack' (Previously in Windows 8 is was stored in a file called a 'Themepack'). This deskthemepack contains all information for the desktop, icons, sounds, window colors and even Screen Savers (If the author built their theme will all those possible components).

Most of the Themepacks and Deskthemepacks on have many, if not all, of the key pieces used to make really great themes. Our custom installer will install your windows 8 files without any further action necessary from you if you want the defaults provided by the author. To change any part of the theme, simply right click on your desktop and choose 'Personalize' which will take you to the Windows Control Panel for Theme Management.